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Why do I take months to finish a painting?

The painting in the picture started just from observing the effect of the moon and reeds on the marsh here in Parkgate. I then started to experiment with compositional techniques used in the renaissance. ( I also was inspired by a golden boat with sun disks on it found across the water in North Wales.) I did a lot of prep sketches and developing of my idea before taking paint to canvas. It is still not quite finished with a few perfections needed and then a varnish ( I'll send a finished picture and see if you can see the difference ) it has about 20 layers on it. Oils need time to dry between layers, so it is a very slow considered process, when used in this way. It was a hard painting technically but I am really happy with it as it creates the atmosphere and sense that I wanted from it, as a surrealist, semi abstract piece. The more time you take to plan your work and carefully consider every aspect of making it the more successful it will be. I hope you like my painting.

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