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Why Buy Art?

Well there are many but a few reasons are: 1. To add beauty to home or office space: A painting can enhance the aesthetics of a room by adding color, texture, and style. It can also make a statement and show off the personality of the owner. 2. To show appreciation for art: Art is a form of expression, and buying a painting is a way to show support for the artist and their work. It demonstrates a love for art and the value it brings to our lives. 3. To invest in an asset: Some paintings can appreciate in value over time, making them a potential investment opportunity. Art collectors may buy paintings as part of their investment portfolio. 4. To evoke emotions and feelings: A painting can evoke emotions and trigger memories or feelings. The colours, lines, and shapes can create a mood and stimulate the senses. 5. To showcase cultural or historical significance: Some paintings are of historical or cultural significance, such as religious art, ancient artefacts, or portraits of important figures. Owning such art pieces can demonstrate an appreciation for history and culture.

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