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October / November Newsletter

So it is getting colder and it is still raining. Luckily I live in Parkgate, which has a micro climate resulting in more sun and less rain!

Still, I do enjoy this time of year with the beautiful autumn colours and ridiculous Halloween outfits for dogs!

It's really a good idea to look at how colours work together in nature when working with then in your own art work. Think of how in cooler climates colours are more muted and subtle in contrast to the vivid colours of the tropics for example.

My new Thursday beginner adult art class has got off to great start. I am very happy with everyone's progress and the enjoyment of the learning.

We had some super young potters in for workshops over the summer, it was wonderful to deliver their fired pottery to them this month.

I will be putting on some workshops coming up to Christmas (both ceramics and painting, ) please let me know if you are interested ( full details later. )

Jug made by Oscar over the summer, well done!!!

Chloe Nov 6 2023

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