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Best In Chester

My art tuition has been selected as best in Chester and best art studio in Cheshire by

' Distinguished Teachers. ' This came as a complete surprise and is fantastic news for me. it is a real confidence boost to know that all my hard work and dedication to high quality art teaching has been recognised.

I thank all my students, past and present, for all their support over the years and for the wonderful art work they create. It is also great to know that creating a successful business is about caring about your students and what you do, not flashy locations and branding.

I have heard recently that art classes in some primary schools now consist of writing about Artists, that is all. This is an awful neglect of young people. It also shows a lack of understanding of how beneficial the physical, creative activities of drawing, painting are to human society.

I am putting on an ' Oil Painting Weekend ' in June to celebrate the completion of my new additional art studio in Parkgate. Get in touch if you are interested.

Chloe Augusta April 24

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