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Watercolour and Mixed Media Techniques

The first thing to learn about watercolour is that is essentially a translucent medium that is traditionally built up in washes to create a ‘glazed effect.’  However, it is also a very versatile medium that can be used successfully in mixed media techniques. 

The first thing to remember is that if you buy cheap, your paint will be chalky, so you won’t be able to achieve the same result. Also, it needs to be used with watercolour paper and ideally stretched. Brushes are also important because a watercolour brush needs to be smooth and soft to create flow and prevent uneven coverage. 

Slowly build up your collection, starting with 3 warm and 3 cool primary colours, then learn is how to lay a wash, wet on wet and wet on dry, as these are the basis of painting in watercolour.



Watercolour wash with graphite pencil example, Waterford hot pressed paper

Chloe Augusta