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Paul Seager
What did you enjoy in your classes?
Excellent teaching and subject matter. Always beneficial to see how others interpret a subject. Also very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 
Class content?
What went well?
Able to put into practice what Chloe has taught me previously to produce a piece of work I never thought I would be capable of.
Even better if?
Not much really, only could have done with an extra 30 mins in the lesson. I would be happy to pay for 2 hr lessons, which currently are 1.5 hrs but not essential as should be practicing at home anyway. Just enjoyable being at the class, the time goes too quickly..
 How was the teaching?
Chloe is someone who can extract the best out of you at your own level, and is always positive and praising about your piece of art. If the technique, perspective or colours are not quite right Chloe is on hand to offer expert advice to rectify.
Your effort?
✔️excellent ‎
What would you like to learn that we haven’t covered?
 Chloe covers a huge amount of subjects and the use of different mediums in her lessons. I would’nt mind doing some Cubism, abstract art such as Kandinsky, or Mondrian style._

 Dante age 5


“What did you enjoy in your classes? I enjoyed sketching very much, you get to use different techniques and I like my classmates
and Chloe …..Class content?  excellent‎
What went well?I enjoy the freedom and the challenge, I like making the pictures, I like my forest one the best. Even better if? Nothing 
How was the teaching? great!‎ Any other comments? I love the classes very much. 

Rob Hill 

“Enjoyment is an interesting concept …Combine that with education, learning and the acquisition of a new skiland I guess you’ve almost got life sorted..
Let me introduce you to my art class run by Chloe Randall..
Every Wednesday for an hour or so, a group of friendly people turn up and come under the spell of Chloe the art teacher who provides tuition , inspiration and encouragement in equal measures to help everyone progress along the creative road path of drawing and painting. Astonishing does not begin to describe the results achieved. From my very basic (some would say agricultural) initial attempts, I ‘ve now developed a set of skills and appreciation of techniques to enable me to draw and paint subjects that I’m proud of. I’ll never be a Francis Bacon, but hey who cares when you can get this much enjoyment from an hour of art a week. Give it a go …”