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Loving Vincent


I had the pleasure of seeing Loving Vincent at Story House yesterday. It was truly wonderful! I was mesmerised by the entire film as it revealed itself in ever opening layers of brilliance. Every scene was a Van Gogh made alive, in swirling magical stokes of colour. 

It amazed me find out that 800 oil painters worked on the film, lovingly re-creating the wonderful brushstrokes and colours that VanGogh used. It is ‘Van Gogh’s use of colour that struck me when I visited The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They were amazing.  These colours can`t be caught with photography and can only be appreciated when looking at the real thing. Look at the following two examples, both taken from a Google search and you will notice how different the colours appear.





Colours for paints are mixed, using pigments and a medium. In oil painting, the medium is linseed oil, which is ground with the pigment to make the paint. There are many advantages in mixing your own paint, as ready-made paints never give the same intensity, depth and range. Pigments from natural sources give the best colours, Lapus Lazuli for example, which is from a blue stone. This gives the wonderful blues in a Titian. 

If you get a chance, go and see Loving Vincent, and take time to look at the way 800 artists have recreated Van Gogh’s mastery of colour.