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Choosing Materials

How do you choose the best materials for your project? 

This is a good question as the answer gives a bit of a guide to making decisions on what art equipment to buy. The first rule is don’t buy cheap. Cheap affects your ability to do ‘a good job’ and will frustrate you. The more you spend the better your materials will be, however there is no need to spend large amounts.

For drawing staedtler are the best make. Buy mechanical pencils for precise drawing and 4 – 9 b for heavier more expressive drawing styles.

Watercolours are rubbish if you buy cheap. Spend some money. Sable brushes are the best but good nylon ones are fine. The same applies to all paints but watercolor in particular. Acrylics; heavy body acrylics are the best, graduate will do. If you are really serious about Oil Painting – make you own, commercial oils are good but don’t offer the same quality of pigment.

The same applies to the quality of paper, you need a decent cartridge. The art products in The Works are cheap but a very bad investment.

It is the same with clay also, Pottery Crafts are good – don’t buy from amazon or hobbycraft.

My favourite art shop is Rennies on Bold Street in Liverpool. All my students get  a discount with them. They also know there stuff and they sell good products at decent prices.

I can order sketchbooks, pencils and brushes for you at very good prices or have a look at the following sources