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Children and Teens

Regular classes on Monday, Tuesday (Full) and Wednesday (Full) and Thursday evenings for children including classes for parents and children together. The ideal age is 8 – 16 years, however, I will take children from 5 years who have a talent in the area.   
Classes are designed to be small and individualized with progressive levels from 1 to 12, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Children receive certificates for each level.
Chloe was a Cheshire Art teacher in schools for 10 years, working primarily in secondary education.
She has full D.B.S clearance, has taken training in safeguarding and holds public liability insurance.

 Dante age 5


“What did you enjoy in your classes? I enjoyed sketching very much, you get to use different techniques and I like my classmates
and Chloe …..Class content?  excellent‎
What went well?I enjoy the freedom and the challenge, I like making the pictures, I like my forest one the best. Even better if? Nothing 
How was the teaching? great!‎ Any other comments? I love the classes very much.