Art in Chester Classes for Children and Teens – Art In Chester

Classes for Children and Teens

Children’s classes are designed to be individualized with a  focus on the development of technical skills and Art Appreciation. 
I keep all classes small and friendly with lots of inspiration and give every opportunity for the children to become independent
artists and express themselves. My two Pugs, Molly and Izzy often attend class too!
Learning to draw and paint has many benefits, including helping to develop motor skills, focus,  relaxation,
creative thinking and appreciation of shape, space, and proportion. I was a Cheshire Schools Art teacher for ten years,
including at the Hammond School, and am fully qualified and screened. 

Full Safeguarding Policy  AIC+Safeguarding


BA Hons Fine Art, University of Liverpool, Degree cert

Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Chester PGCE cert




Monday:  5 – 6.00  8 – 16 years  intermediate / advanced  (Art In Chester Studio, Great Barrow)
Wednesday:    3.45 – 4.45       Infants  (4 – 7 years)  (Upton Pavilion )
Wednesday: 4.45 – 5.00  Juniors     (Upton Pavilion)
Wednesday: 5.00 – 6.00  Seniors    (Upton Pavilion) FULL


Classes are charged by half or full term, regardless of the number of weeks. 
 A half term for Infants is £75
A half term for Juniors is £85
A half term for Seniors is £92 or a full term is £175  per student.
Private lessons, GCSE / A Level Art exam support and portfolio support are  £40 for 1.5 hours 









Dante age 5

“What did you enjoy in your classes? I enjoyed sketching very much, you get to use different techniques and I like my classmates and
Chloe …..Class content?  excellent‎
What went well?I enjoy the freedom and the challenge, I like making the pictures, I like my forest one the best. Even better if? Nothing 
How was the teaching? great!‎ Any other comments? I love the classes very much.